Barbie Moore

Figurative abstracts and whimisical expressionism on large canvas.

Oh Maranda, what have you done? 48″ x 54″

Artist Description

Once there was a very strange girl born to normal parents living in a tiny Oklahoma town. They fled to Texas immediately and tried to steer the odd child, who wished to be a waitress, into a useful adult. They almost succeeded but then she became an artist and worse – a writer.

And then . . .

She married everyone who asked, had children, painted concrete and wallpapered floors before turning her outlandish imagination toward painting glorious things on canvas. After renaming herself coco, she opened a gallery in Houston and got a tattoo. 10 years later she moved to Costa Rica and for years tortured the locals with her Spanish. Another gallery in San Francisco came and went, then she fled once more to Texas where she wakes up everyday, paints whats in her head, and drinks a beer.

Ah, useful at last.

Solo Exhibitions: Texas A & M, College Station, The Jung Center, Houston, Group Exhibitor at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, Richardson, TX .

Featured Artist at Cottonwood Art Festival, Richardson, TX.

Featured Artist Austin Art Fest, Austin, TX.

Board member of Houston’s Washington Ave. Art Crawl.

Full-time self supporting working artist since late 90’s.

Gallery Owner Houston (former owner, but artwork there)

Former gallery owner San Francisco.

I wore a crown in my hair, they checked my pulse it wasn’t there. 24" x30"