Jayce Wierzbicki, Imaginarium Delirium

Being self taught has its ups and downs, you literally have to work and practice at something until you have it down but once you do it’s the best feeling in the world.

Wormjuice (photo provided)

 16″ x 20″ in canvas with acrylic paint and 3d sandworm made with spray foam, with nails as teeth

I’m a self taught mixed media artist and acrylic painter based out of fort Worth Texas.

I like to call me art style (psychedelic happy horror) haha … With my roots in 80s horror and love the clash of dark material with neon color schemes. I recently started doing masks in April of 2016 and have started making 3d paintings as well. I use spray foam from a can to sculpt with as it has an amazing look after it dries. I paint like most people draw. Using different techniques for different parts of each piece. My philosophy is “imagination equals destination” if that makes sense… I love seeing things in my head like places or monsters or even well known characters and added my own imagination to them..

Toxies Tongue (photo provided)

The mask is made with one resin masquerade skull mask and sculpted with spray foam and painted with air brush and acrylics. Teeth are fake finger nails.