JazzXpressionStudio Art is Contemporary/Modern Jazz Art. Acrylic Paintings on Canvas, Prints and Greeting Cards, Ceramic Tile Paintings, Jazz Coasters and more. I am a Professional Fine Artist based in Fort Worth Texas. JazzXpressions was established in 1998 to provide Fine Art Clients with a unique and affordable heirloom piece of Art for the generations. Every piece of work is created with the passion for art and music in mind. The Artist Signature is a part of the creation and can be custom framed. JazzXpressions is a Registered US Trademark.

The JazzXpressionStudio Art Boutique carries a selection of one of a kind Art for Gifts and Home Decor Jazz Art. Call for an Exclusive Client Appointments Only. Call 817 480-3305 Ask for The Artist: Robert L. Berry Jr.


Email: rlberry@jazzxpressionstudio.com
Phone: (817) 480-3305

Meet the Team

Robert Berry | The Artist/Artrepreneur

I have always dreamed of being a professional artist and I began expressing myself through drawings at an early age. The teachers would let me draw the display for Christmas on the blackboard. I never lost my passion for art. My work is rich, colorful, and has bold textures. I believe that in the quest for individuality, art is the highest expression of “Human Victory”. In the final analysis, it does not matter how the world perceives your art, it only matters how your art perceives the world. I paint using acrylic paint and cerne relief outliner paint on canvas and bisque ceramic tiles.

My creations are a combination of Jazz and Art in an “Improvisational Contemporary Style”. Journey with me through a “Rainbow of Explicit Color on Canvas”. The Creations contained on the site are all originals using acrylic and cerne relief outliner paint on canvas and ceramic tiles. Some of the expressions are also on paper. I like to “Think Outside the Box” to create my work . I want to create a “Jazz Abstract and Soulful Experience”. Art is my passion and you might say that I am “Nuts for Art”. Make Art and Peace , Not War. Enjoy the Art and Free Your Mind.