Linda Chidsey

I’m a mixed media artist who is intrigued by rhythm, pattern, texture and color. My work explores the human need to find meaning in the interaction of repeating elements that intersect with the random or accidental, which, I believe, is an apt description of life itself. I strive for a rich, creative tension that connects to the audience.

The opportunity to experiment with new ideas and materials always stimulates me. The thought of ordinary paint combined with, say, cheesecloth or handmade paper or hot glue or home repair supplies can really get me going.

Since childhood, I’ve been drawn toward the making of art. And while the activity of expressing my ideas through art completely engages me, what I love equally is the way it connects me with people. It lifts my spirits to watch someone first notice the work, then step closer for a better look, then become totally engaged with it. It’s a conversation that begins alone, but isn’t fully actualized until you, the viewer, respond to it.

A little about my background. I happily spend over 30 years as a graphic designer and marketing consultant. After my dear husband passed away in 2013, I was faced with the necessity of reinventing my life. Recognizing that life is short indeed, I left my old career behind and began immersing myself into art. Having had several phases of art activity in the past—pastel portraits, cut paper illustration, greeting card illustration, banners and wall hangings—I now had the opportunity to totally commit to this new phase of life. It has been not only energizing, but therapeutic as well.