Lydia Abigail Artwork

Creativity is in my bones.

It moves me, inspires me, and propels me forward. The reason I display my work is to inspire others in their creative journey. This means you. Yes, you. The you that says, “I can’t draw” or “I’ll never be creative”. I wish to expel those lies because I firmly believe that everyone is a creative. Everyone is an artist. When you look at the sky and admire it’s beauty, you are thinking as an artist. When you draw in the sand or arrange a bouquet, you are working as an artist. And when you take a breath each morning, you are living as an artist. My purpose is to help others realize their creativity and live in that belief everyday.

This portrait of Lydia Abigail was taken by Rachel Meagan Photography.

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Saw your photo on Raul Mosley’s page. I loved the photo he posted and looking at some of your other work, I just want to say that you have a great eye. The model in the posted photo is also very photogenic (Bob).