Megan Najera, MLNart

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Drawing became apart of my life very early, about the same time I started reading. It wasn’t until after highschool I realized it would quickly become my life. I had a son at an early age, and from then on I knew where my inspiration would come from. I started painting and developed my own style. It also started catching peoples attention, and I began getting requests for comission pieces. My work connected with people my age and because of that I was able to start MLNart. It became appreciated in a way I never thought it would. Through the word spreading I was even getting requests for tattoos, and I got to learn to broaden my skill. Ever since, I’ve been creating for people. After a while I was able to submit to festivals and shows. One of the main showcasing organizations I’ve been working with is RAW. Through them I’ve gained more attention and a fantastic way to showcase my work. In addition, I recently participated in ArtsGoggle, and I plan to work my way up from there. After many inspirations, trials and errors I’ve only begun to do what I want to do in this world.

My art work consists of realistic, dream-like scenes. Some are very colorful, some are very dark. When I’m painting, I start by creating an abstract background, and then incorporate bodies, words and designs on top of it. Most of my work is created from my dreams, or psychedelic experiences in the past. Creating art for me, means speaking through visuals about things you can’t always say aloud. As I’ve shared my work with others I’ve learned that what I see in my work, isn’t always what other people see. Art has shown me an incredible amount perspective and opened my eyes to many other ways of seeing the world.