Paul Wolf Art

A nursery school teacher gave me crayons and paper to keep myself occupied during nap time worried that I would wake the other kids as I was always restless. Not much has changed many decades later. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree when I attended Stephen F. Austin State University with an emphasis in Advertising Design and promptly did nothing with it for 24 years.

After years of working as a General Manager for Starbucks I had a meltdown/midlife crisis and did a break from the service/retail industry and dived into art full time in 2014. I picked up the brush and painted for the first time since college although I have been drawing some since then. I started creating a body of work and was a featured artist in Themattix Gallery in Fort Worth throughout that year. I’ve had art shows in Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas and Bedford Texas, though my favorites are always in my native Fort Worth.

A few venues in Fort Worth have or had my work on display in the past. The Usual Bar and The Live Oak off Magnolia Street and HealthSource of Ft Worth West 7th to name of few. Most of my art is owned by collectors a few of which I’ve done multiple commissioned pieces for locally and other parts of the U.S.

I paint and draw in a realist style, but I do not delve into any attempts at creating work that is of photo realism. I paint in acrylic on canvas and enjoy the medium allowing me to create and rework on a piece quickly. As for drawing I work in ink in a far more tedious crosshatch style which I go into a different direction overworking and laboring on details.

I work in a few different styles and subject matter in my paintings. My art has always been figurative from skeletons in the catacombs of Palermo, Italy to limited palette pop art paintings of musicians I admire.