Susy Salcedo

I am a 23 year old DFW artist. I have always had a love and passion for drawing and discovered that I was also very intrigued by painting about 4 years ago. After taking a few art classes at Texas Christian University, I decided to become an art minor. I have absolutely loved learning all that I can in painting whether if it is in technique or simply how to begin a painting. Coming from a family of artists, my style seems to incorporate my grandma’s impressionist style while also maintaining an abstract concept like my great grandfather, and fusing in my aunt’s distinct touch on flowers.

I tend to steer in the direction of emphasis on color. I truly enjoy using the color wheel as an essential mechanism. I love to add bright colors whether it is pinks, oranges, and blues to describe my vivid and quirky personality. I try to keep a keen eye for composition and how different aspects of a painting subtly guide your eye throughout the entire work itself.