Taylor Webber

1) I first started painting in my uncle’s art studio when I was two years old. I’m a current college student majoring in art history and studio art. I’ve been teaching painting and drawing classes for Grumbacher for almost two years now. I hope to start a co-op gallery and studio.
2) I was self taught until highschool where I was a oert og Art 1-3, Art 2-D/ 3D design, AP art, Art honor society, and art club. I’m currently the president/ founder of the TCC Northeast art club. I’ve be been a part of VASE for two years placing regional with three pieces. I’ve had my art on display at Raw artist shows in Dallas/Austin. I was recently in the Ft Worth Artgoggle. I’ve worked on album and poster art for local Ft Worth bands. I take a lot of inspiration from Goya, Georges de la Tour, and Zdzislaw Beksinski.

I’m genre specific in most if my works. Occult, mythological, and child-like curiosity fills my pieces. I started working with realism when I was younger and I’ve slowly developed my own somewhat abstract style. My art focuses on my disenchantment with society and social norms. I often tell stories of irony and adventure while using children or creatures as metaphors for how I understand reality. My main mediums are Oil, acrylic, and digital art. I also work with charcoal, watercolor, chalk pastel, oil pastel, prismacolor pencil/ markers, fabrics, photography, and clay.