Tiara Roberts, Music by Tiara

Dr. Tiara Roberts grew up on the waters of the Long Island Sound. This pleasurable experience forever linked her life to the Ocean world. At the tender age of 12, Tiara captained a small water craft, MoodElevator, spending entire days on the water exploring the different forms of sea life. Her mother and father were passionate about the water. Her father spent long hours building boats with huge saws and occasionally took her out with him when he went sailing, fishing, hunting; or took the entire family out for an event. Her mother was a water safety instructor teaching children how to swim in their backyard canal. Her 7 siblings all swam at a young age — Tiara was 3 years old when she became a mermaid!

Her mother played a pipe organ for 73 years and grandfather was the reverend, Tiara’s first recital was on the organ bench next to her mother in Grandpas church. Tiara’s siblings all played instruments and 3 were artists. One is a renowned amateur photographer working towards the joy of being a judge of photography competitions. Another had his very unique art gallery, Oceana, on Martha’s Vineyard and the third artist was a medical doctor. When he passed away he left his oil paints to Tiara, thus initiating her path to becoming a self-made artist. Tiara loves how ideas for most of her artistic expression just spring from her subconscious.

Some of her earlier paintings are by the request of others. Her son, Richard “Aubrey” Slaughter, IV, had been to art galleries all over the United States and Europe as a child. When they were at an art gallery in Aspen Colorado, he pointed out that he never saw any artwork of a whale playing a violin and asked Tiara, his mom, to paint one…so others inspirations were also granted. She currently does commissioned art, i.e. Rodeo Queen. Her first art show was in 2012. She may be a late bloomer, however, she dreams of having her very own art gallery in which musicians will also be warmly welcomed.

Tiara has been a professional musician for decades. At 17 she was in the second violin section in the Sioux City symphony; Quite a step down from Concert Master in High School, LOL. She has played just about every type of event under the sun; from haunted house to presently a Gondoliera – captaining a 32-foot Gondola as she sings through the Mandalay Canals and bows her violin while adrift on Lake Carolyn in Irving, which is the “Venice” of Texas. Tiara has a lengthy history of volunteering to share her music at local retirement homes, hospitals, charities, art galleries, churches, as well as being hired to play or sing.

She also teaches psychology at a local college – she loves to connect with the students. They keep her on her toes! Oh yes, Dr. Roberts is also a psychologist for over 20 years. Both teaching and working in mental health has helped her pour emotion into both her music and visual art.

These experiences have shaped Tiara’s visual and performing art work.