Lee Allen

Another great concert photo by David Lanford.

I have been involved in the Fort Worth Music/Restaurant scene since 1997.

Former Employers and Friends:
Booking agent and General Manager Fred’s Texas Cafe, Terry Chandler
Manager and Booking Agent The Wreckroom/Lola’s Saloon/Lola’s Stockyards/The Longhorn Saloon, Brian Forella
GM Buttons Restaurant, Keith Hicks
Restaurant Manager Bonnell’s, Jon Bonnell
GM The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge, Brooks Kendall, Jr and The Pinnacle Corporation
Currently GM and Booking Agent Lola’s Saloon, Brian Forella
Undergraduate and Masters Degrees in Conducting.

Bassist for:
The Gideons
James Hinkle
Rivercrest Yacht Club
Impulse of Will
Big Mike
Danny Ross Band
Founder of West Side Lunch Club

Location Map to Lola’s Trailer Park Bar

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