Billy Mullen

Licensed Realtor, Keller Williams

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 1Who are you?

I was born and raised right here in DFW, and love Fort Worth. I served in the Army for 8 years, and in that time I have had the benefit of traveling to many different places around the world. But in the end Fort Worth is where my wife Erika and I decided to make our home. I am a licensed Realtor based out of the Keller Williams office in Fort Worth, and work hard to help my clients get their dream homes here in Fort Worth, so that they can enjoy all that this great city has to offer. In my free time, I love getting a bite down on Magnolia St, Exploring W. 7th, and Downtown. I try to play sports whenever possible, and try to help out when I can. I am excited to be one of the newest mentors at First Tee of Fort Worth, and help teach the kids of Briscoe Elementary valuable life lessons through golf.

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 2 | Credibility

Describe your efforts to increase how others see you as competent.

Needing to prove my competence is a necessarily repetitive task for a Realtor. Contrary to a normal job where you work with your peers and boss on a regular basis over an extended period of time, where they can get to know you and learn to trust you over time, I don’t have that luxury. Instead, I must impress someone in a matter of minutes, and prove to them that I am knowledgeable and professional over a very short period of time, where every mistake is magnified. The problem is that 90% of Realtors, are not successful in the industry for various reasons, that tend to give us a negative reputation. On top of the fact that I need to overcome these negative stereotypes about Realtors, I must overcome a very strong Rural Texan accent, and a limited amount of time in the industry as well. With that being said, how I try to change that perception, gain people’s trust and confidence is fairly simple.

  1. Be Sincere. People can spot a sales pitch a mile away. I love helping my clients, but it isn’t altruistic, and I don’t pretend that it is.
  2. Don’t make false promises. Often times, people will make promises that they know they can’t keep, or that will be near impossible to follow through on. I don’t make lofty promises, I just do what I say I am going to do.
  3. Communicate. Communication is imperative, there is no quicker way for someone to lose faith in you, than by being un-reachable. I communicate constantly with my clients whether it is good news or bad.
  4. Educate and Train. I am constantly spending my free time trying to learn more about the industry, the local market, and the economy on a macro and micro level, so that I can be educated enough to competently advise my clients on their Real Estate investments.
  5. Work hard. My wife does not always appreciate it, but I grind for my clients. People may be able to say a lot about me in the end, but the one thing that they won’t be able to say is, “I just didn’t feel that Billy put forth much effort”. Even though for me this is a business, and I do it on a daily basis, for my clients it is anything but. This is a huge investment for them, this is where they will raise their family, where their new opportunities start, or where they are going to spend their golden years. Therefore, it is important that I work for each client as hard as I would want my Realtor to work for me.

It isn’t always easy, but often times it is worth it. And occasionally, people let you know they appreciate your efforts in ways that last much longer than a commission. Like the card that client’s the Carter family had their children make for me.

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