Kara Marlene

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 1Who are you?

Following my heart from the Kansas plains, I found myself 24 years old in Nashville singing on stages along side names like Jason Roy of Building 429. Shortly after settling in, divine design would have me win Nashville’s Next Breakthrough Top Model 2010. This honor would move me to LA to launch my modeling and singing career.

Yet, with all the excitement of the back stages and the bright lights of the red carpet, I found my heart desiring something different, something more. So I began my childhood dream of becoming an inspirational speaker and writer encouraging others to follow their heart and live their dreams by being true to themselves and their passions just as I did.

I am proud to say along with the success of my inspirational enterprise and authorship, the launch of Adorn Spa is thriving here in the open paws of Panther City. Adorn provides organic airbrush spray-tan and lash extensions, passionately donating 15% of the proceeds to cancer research foundations. I look forward to the next 20 years and what we are going to accomplish together for the greater good of all (2017).

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 2 | Credibility

Photo Credit: Evan Baines

Describe your efforts to increase how others see you as honest.

So what makes one credible? I met a pastor once who said the three things that you need to know to decipher whether or not someone is a safe and a true leader. First they know what they’re talking about. The information that they are saying is truthful and open. Second you have to know that they have your best interest at heart. Doubt and fear from another person another individual is the first to discredit anything someone says or does. And lastly this person is genuine. There are no bells or whistles with what they’re saying. There’s no sales pitch. What they’re going to give you is open and free for you to take him to have and to know that this is who they are and what they do and it is for your utmost. I believe people have confused popularity with sincerity. This generation of people who are rising up to get likes to do whatever it takes to be seen. They, though owed they’re due diligence for the effort they put into what they do, are only going to get there 15 minutes of fame and that’s it. Look at all of the reality TV stars. I think American Idol. How many people really and truly ‘made it’ after their 15 minutes of fame? Just because you’re known that does not mean that they are good leaders. The content and their character make them so. So trade popularity for credibility and confidence and remember what a true leader is supposed to do. Come along side you allow you to lean on them ever so briefly or for an extended period of time. A leader is a leader because of their service not their status (2017).