Profiles of Leadership by the Fort Worth Portrait Project

This is what leadership in Fort Worth looks like.

Profiles of Leadership helps leaders in Fort Worth tell the story of their leadership journeys through images.

Participating leaders will share a captioned photo each month about a specific leadership skill. Beginning in January, we’ll explore 1 skill per month until we finish with the 11th skill in November.

While leaders of all experience levels are invited to join, all participants must begin the program in January. Each group that journeys together will be considered a class.

The Profiles of Leadership section of the Fort Worth Portrait Project aims to be the single greatest collection of visual leadership stories ever amassed in a city. Leadership stories will be collected for 30 years beginning in 2017.

Class of 2017

Profiles of Leadership | The 11 Skills

L1 Defining the Real You

We’ll take steps toward clarifying the personal values that serve as the foundation for your voice as a leader.

L2 Building Credibility

We’ll explore strategies to enhance your source credibility.

L3 Vision: Crafting It

We’ll work to create and/or refine your vision for how things should be.

L4 Vision: Selling It

We’ll explore strategies to create buy-in for your vision with key individuals and groups.

L5 Vision: Broadcasting it

Drawing on strategies from journalism and public relations, we’ll explore effective steps to reach larger audiences with your vision.

L6 Gaming your Environment

Drawing on the opportunities and threats quadrants of SWOT Analysis, we’ll explore gaming strategies to help you win in the game of leadership.

L7 Going for It

We’ll explore strategies for effective and sensible risk-taking and experimentation.

L8 Your Team: Building It

From recruiting to socialization to effective techniques for idea generation and decision-making, we’ll delve into the nuts and bolts of putting together a winning team.

L9 Your Team: Training It

How can you best move your team from where they are now to where they need to be?

L10 Your Team: Rewarding It

We’ll look at creative strategies to celebrate your team’s accomplishments in ways that are seen as meaningful by your team.

L11 Leaving a Legacy

We’ll explore ways to reflect on the long-term impact of your influence in the community.

Program participants: Please upload your captioned photos below: