Adaline Bebo

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 1Who are you?

“When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a rodeo cowgirl. My journey has been one filled with incredibly diverse experiences from competitive hip-hop and cheerleading, to training long hours for Team USA Olympic level twirling, to moving 1,000 miles from home in Indiana to study Neuroscience at Baylor, to being crowned Miss Fort Worth 2017. The woman I have become today has been shaped by these incredible opportunities, but equally by the adversity I have faced to see my goals to fruition. I am grateful for these obstacles and through them I have become a strong advocate for kindness, health, perseverance, and individuality. I hope to use my adventures and leadership to continue to inspire others to pursue their unique journey, because you never know what path will eventually lead you to the rodeo” (2017).

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 2 | Building Credibility

Describe your efforts to increase how others see you as honest.

As a mentor and a leader to others, I absolutely embrace the concept that demonstrating honesty and integrity will be the most valued characteristics in future leadership. In a world of technology, where social media is not filtered for evidence or propaganda, it seems that truth really remains with the audience on whether they choose to lend credibility to a story by believing it. Luckily most people will not follow a leader they do not trust once they discover a few integrity offenses..

If I want to sustain leadership, I know to lead by example just as my grandfather taught me. He was a really kind mentor for so many people and displayed every day that moral character and honesty is a durable foundation that’s essential if you want to build a life that other people will respect. He also taught me that putting in my hardest work with purest passion would lead me to achieve anything I could dream. It led me to today….where my actions speak far louder than any truth I could ever tell. When I make a mistake – I try to say so as quickly as possible…and learn as much as I can, because it keeps me firmly planted as forever humble!

When I do speak, I know that honesty means fact checking and not saying everything that comes to my mind, because I would rather use it as a tool to encourage other people, and not tear them down. Using the same truth as a motivator rather than for unkindness has built trust and friendships that I can count on. Sadly, I have also had to let go of others who were not accountable with their words, integrity, and actions, when it pulled me off balance.

Balance is the only thing that leads to my ability to accomplish the volume of incredible things in my life, and I couldn’t do it without honest behavior and service to others. There is just no time to backtrack. When I work with my community groups, we are able to do so much more because we trust that all of our hearts are working toward the same cause and effect. I believe that it comes through in the way that people are attracted to leaders that show consistent ethical behavior and integrity. My small sports business has grown internationally because this powerful combination has transformed me into a better coach. The best part is, that if I can impact or empower people by teaching positive role model behavior, it also gives me the chance to proudly enrich the moral legacy that my grandfather gifted to me…and that’s worth telling the whole truth! (2017).

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 3 | Vision

What is your vision for the future?

This is my leadership vision for the future and one that I fearlessly title: NO LIMITATIONS

The Vision for Tomorrow must include Today as both are in the recipe to create the Future.

Aerodynamically, bees are not supposed to fly, but they do. They symbolize overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams through the glorification of God. They have become my personal symbol and reminder to work hard, pray hard, and to ‘bee’ resilient, gracious, and always humble.

This week I finished my second global initiative. I did it all from my own home, in the small community of Waco, amidst college classes, meetings, designing ad campaigns, very limited sleep, quite a few tears, and somehow crafting the miracle of words into inspirational movements. It is a measurable marker in my life, as I understand now the full reality of “blood, sweat, and tears.” This passionate process was by no means on my own, but with dedicated help of mentors, supportive community partnerships, and volunteers as we worked together to reach up and reach out. This is a leadership format conducive to building a stronger force of minds, and applying multidisciplinary strategies that naturally produce a broader scope of ideas.  I believe it produces formulas that rise to accomplish higher levels of expectation in just about anything you apply it to.. It just requires daring to dream a little bigger with no limitations…I am not just talking about global initiatives, I am enthusiastic about adapting this theory to overcoming obstacles in health, disability, personal relationships, business, and community, and finding those whom to surround yourself with that are compatible with your heart and goals.

No one can confidently predict how the future will unfold, but I believe the most powerful ideas of visionary leadership and service, align with my mentor, Claes Nobel, of the Nobel Peace Prize family. His organization gave me my first scholarship to travel to Italy where an inspiring army of women shared genuine personal insight and experience in education and life, that gave my aspirations an attainable and relatable realization. The networking opportunities provided while in one of the leading business capitals in the world, have been fundamental in my development and personal life. In lectures held at Università Bocconi and Milan EXPO, cultural enrichment possibilities and (most importantly) incredible friendships were forged through inspired learning of STEM studies and the amazing technological capabilities of Microsoft. It sought to open doors, hearts, eyes, and minds of young women from all corners of the earth. I gained invaluable knowledge of the global community’s relevant studies that I otherwise would have been oblivious.

Gaining this insight gave me a sense of what it is like to be an actively-informed global citizen that can envision a goal-oriented plan for the world’s destiny. As broad (and almost terrifying) as that may seem, it left me enlightened and focused on a purposeful career in Neuroscience and where I fit in the plan. I am so blessed to have been a part of such an event and I look forward to witnessing and experiencing the impact of its growth throughout my lifetime. This was a life-changing opportunity and now I strive to inspire the world and develop my passions in a meaningful way through the limitlessness of education.

Studying under effective leadership allowed for me to apply Mr. Nobel’s proposed remedy called “The Seven Rights” to my everyday life. I developed the structure below to shape visions for how I strive to carve a legacy that legitimizes my belief  “hard work pays off,” and truly empower myself with “No Limitations.”  I have outlined them below for “future” consideration.

These seven rights form a vision for any situation and can be universally applied. Please click on the tabs below to explore these rights.

Human Right 1: Right Thought – People Educated to have Higher Responsibility in Thought

  • I am an optimist, and dedicate a lot of thought to what leadership looks like in the future. I see a world inspired by people who lead from an internal drive of determination and self-discipline, for the higher good of themselves, that extends to individuals, communities, state, nation and the world. It all starts with the right thought and despite the difficulties involved.
  • Our mind is a dynamic organ. Everything in the universe and world originated in thought. I wish Dignity, Honor, and Truth to be steadfast and noble hallmarks of character. My future role for leaders is to effectively mentor and selflessly connect people to solutions. That is the true timeless role of service to others and the desire to be better each and every day. Having the right thought creates impact in time ahead that is morally and fundamentally improved (based on your own beliefs), but also respects the sacred values of those who have other views. These alternate theories help creative better end products for more people and not just one group.
  • Followers would continue to foster upcoming leaders, instilling the ideas of mutual respect, integrity, and truth. That is the only way to create an atmosphere of change and a more acceptable means to carry ideas forward and move around barriers.
  • Others would recognize the value of having the right thought through successful role models.
    For example, if we only use neuroscience to study the brain, spine, and nervous system, then we never learn quickly enough about disease, dysfunction, or ways to improve cognition to keep up with rapidly morphing cancers, childhood development, or health as the brain ages. By studying neuroscience as it intersects with psychology, biology, genetics, chemistry, physics and technology, it involves more options to grow a field conducive for making progress and understanding. Cooperation and respect for others starts with the right thought that is open to the ideas of others, but unwavering from personal character.
  • For the future, Cementing a right thought would end with “because” or a cause that secures reinforcement of the belief. Firm beliefs become the right thought after curiosity, questioning, and exploration, wisely transforming assumptions and opinions into facts, which translate as wisdom. Wisdom is eternal and never stops growing. Folly will be stopped even faster in its tracks by super smart futuristic people. It won’t survive as technology gets even better.
  • My future vision is one where through research is done through scholarly resources and NOT where people rely on the highly unreliable social media.

Human Right 2: Right Word – People understand the power of Responsible Communication

  • Words are incredibly powerful. Once a word leaves your mouth, nothing can pull it back again.
    Communication will be critical in the long range outlook of the future. It will be a direct result of planning ahead, to ensure our youth are shaped as the future of our own communities.
  • This is where I take my belief model and shape it into reality. As I explore more, I become better informed, and can better understand, assess, and modify beliefs for accuracy. I would teach to suspend judgment of others ideas. A well-founded theory of thought is improved constantly and communicated smartly. This means taking time to explaining the “thought process” as not perfect and absolute, but one constantly open to growth, where new resources can benefit ideas and longer lasting results. If I represent all of my ideas as concrete and new evidence comes along, then followers are lost and the integrity of “truth” must be reestablished which involves backtracking. Nobody has time for that. It’s a fast paced world in the future!
  • It is critical to build young leaders as visionaries, who see creative solutions to timeworn problems like hunger, poverty, and disease. They must be empowered to make exceptional contributions in their own particular areas of influence, not just around them, but also as leaders, who commit to mentoring those who follow in their footsteps. They must be steadfast in ethics in order to react responsibly to a quickly changing environment full of technology.
  • What we whisper in the ears of our family, friends, students, child, colleague, or enemy, will be the resounding echoes that bounce back. We will either embrace or combat our very words as soon as tomorrow, if they are not chosen wisely.
  • My future horoscope would read “Creating your own allies is key in surrounding oneself with a fair playing field. Building negativity and creating chaos is a path of destruction best avoided. Choose to create and build your own relationships early, and nurture them even when they break down. In doing so, you create a sustainable environment of open communication and build powerful liaisons.” Ultimately this prediction would be delivered to me inside a giant Krispy Kreme donut because that would best reinforce my motivation.
  • Put simply, if others are told they can never be or do anything, without telling them what they can be or do, the opportunity will be lost forever. We must mentally enforce potential in those generations we leave behind. This is neuroscientifically proven, as the brain uses input to shape thoughts in our mind, because it is the only organ capable of producing consciousness.

Human Right 3: Right Deed – People Think About Working Hard and Doing Good Things

  • I believe character, kindness, compassion, and responsibility, are staple requirements in solving complicated issues of society in future generations.
  • After envisioning a future being led by trust, honor and respect, you cannot separate that it has to be in the essence of each person, and not just in individuals as leaders.
  • It takes resolve to do the right thing when others somehow still get rewarded for doing the wrong thing. It hurts every time I see this. This is where building on the right thought and right word from the beginning, connect to the ability to carry out the right deed in all circumstances.
  • It may be the single biggest reason an athlete, child, student, adult or individual might not follow through on a task. They didn’t believe in the mission. Hard work means establishing solid reasoning behind thought, and using words to effectively increase the meaning of the thought, or there is no reassurance that right deed will follow. The training ground is not solid.
  • I see where positive thoughts and words build toward positive actions. If all has been taught and still not accomplished, then a failure is simply a mistake, and those are easily learned from. If I have not prepared these adequately as a leader/role model, then mistakes and excuses will follow indefinitely.
  • I can leave a legacy for both success and failure at any given time. Mentoring means I am watched, and responsibility is eased by teaching others my strategy of striving to be a good person, working hard, and always attempting to do the right thing.
  • Recovery from mistakes is the best example of resilience I could hope for future leaders. They are the best lessons I have found in humility and lead me to embrace the reality of being human.
  • Creativity means survival for mankind as more labor is replaced by technology, and can always be a blessing to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Human Right 4: Right Attitude – People Have A Higher Consciousness for Others

  • In times to come, I hope for more smiling and laughing where people are kinder, positive and helpful to all. They are good listeners, and don’t use social media to lash out at others, and bully ideas that are different. People won’t use social media to describe just the negative. They write “true” and real stories about overcoming and hope for the future. They teach lessons that strengthen minds, instead of propelling propaganda into the universe, designed to create divisions among people and label situations falsely. People can be different without annihilating the differences of others. Lastly, common ground no matter how small is used as the starting point to bring people together, instead of finding all of the public ways to tear relationships apart.
  • In the future, no one will be allowed to make a suggestion unless they have at least one solution to offer. That will keep needless criticism in check because anyone can be a critic, we need problem solvers!
  • This is the future gift where others are empowered by right thought, word, and deed to be more meaningfully who they could be and less of what they should not be.
  • It would mean that individuals have followed higher examples to take personal responsibility for empowering their ideas toward success and well-being. They would be excited for others who do the same. Others would not discount you, because abundance and fortune was a result of your values, ethics, hard work and higher ideals. This is a better environment where people trust, respect and honor your decisions because they expect it of themselves.
    This is meaningful impact because future role models can affect any person at any economic level, or any disability, to be the best they can be in their surroundings.
  • Neuropsychology research has confirmed that optimism produces better health, longevity, work success, and higher test scores, while pessimism is linked to psychological disorders like shyness and depression as well as brain disease. That is the power of neuroscience. By training our brains to believe it is possible first, it can be enforced and made to happen allowing visions to become realities.
  • As a result of being better people, my vision is people would not harm each other or commit crime against others as much because they have more self-respect. When dignity, honor, and truth are used as a guide, safer communities and more compatible neighborhoods would result.

Human Right 5: Right Livelihood – People Think About Future Consequences by All

  • I wish to Step lightly on the Earth and leave no foot-prints, leaving a legacy for future generations to sprout wings. For they are the angels that MUST create viable solutions that can reverse and repair the damage done to our earth before it is too late and our resources are depleted.
  • Higher consciousness for our planet is necessary and requires each person to lead by the right thought, word, deed, and attitude deep within. It takes soul searching to make sure we create future opportunity for abundance and success to be available for all future generations wherever they live. It means recycling, reducing our waste of natural resources, and protecting our water sources from industry contamination. It means research into negative impact of big corporations.
    If all of this sounds difficult – that’s because it is. But here is the deal. I just wrote a grant for world hunger relief to revise a leadership program. It enables their interns to go forward, teach sustainable farming strategies, and build economic relationships in any community or school, where people can sell their produce and reduce waste. They live simply but take what they need to survive!
  • I didn’t know anything about deep hunger and poverty until I got involved and activated my passion to uncover every aspect. I now advocate for this program and several others. While I am one of three finalists for the grant, it doesn’t matter – I know that I can make a difference for the future. I know how, where, when, and why I should.
  • Do you want to change yourself or someone else down the road? As I studied the process of charity – I found that if someone sees you do a charitable act, a few people might act on it. Through studying leadership in hunger, I now understand that if you go into a community and teach people how they can help themselves, and then connect them to supportive partnerships where they can sell or get supplies, then people will actually help themselves and help others! It spreads far and wide and continues to give in a broad reaching effort. That is power that doesn’t need a fossil fuel in the future.
  • Lastly, there has to be a world where people do not carry cell phones on their body because they read the directions (btw your user manual says do not hold next to your head or body). People use a blue tooth and do not keep devices next to their head while sleeping. They monitor children’s usage and protect their blood brain barriers before full development. Parents don’t let cell companies build towers next to schools and neighborhoods.
  • While we will continue to be inseparable from our cell phones, there will need to be educated leaders that battle big industry, because technology is unchecked, and years ahead of research studies that can report harmful side effects. I see a future where we need creative groups of scientists in multidisciplinary coordination to find cures for the new breeds of disease it may bring. (This is my research area so it creeps strongly into my vision).

Human Right 6 Right Here – People Act Where They Are Because The Future is Waiting!

  • Mine is a vision that demands love and nurturing of the above five elements of mankind.
    I didn’t have to go to far corners of the world. In the future, leaders can still start world transformation in their own community. They will still be able to start right in their own backyard or living room finding research that promotes ideas or better understanding.
  • Today is the vision to start educating and promoting cultural understanding, providing educational opportunities for youth that nurture them to reach their full potential, and advocating value for all humankind among the diversity of our communities.
  • Today is the future by teaching young people to be positive role models with clearly stated and measurable objectives. It is just a first whisper away, and will leave an echo that resounds for lifetimes.
  • Leaving a legacy means starting the important role of teaching others to make exceptional contributions to communities we all live in, while promoting global unity through excellence in leadership with lasting impact for the future.
  • The picture you see above is my beautiful friend and I am sharing my passion for teaching baton with her. While we adapt the movement and skill to her level of ability, I never give up when it’s a trick that I know she can learn with practice. I honor her by challenging her the same as I would any other student. She has redefined my understanding of the words: resilience, fierce, driven, and inner spirit. She taught me true belief in my ability and that it is not easy, but it is possible to have “No Limitations.”
  • It is my vision that I will find benefactors to fund an interactive playground in Central Texas for No Limitations Athletics. I want to give this grassroots organization a valuable resource, that demonstrates how important it is for our communities to support these kids in getting not just physical therapy while playing, but having fun, and being included. This will be a role model for other communities to be inspired by the result. That is my big dream and I will it into existence by not accepting defeat.

Human Right 7: Right Now – People Act Today To Make a Difference For Tomorrow

  • No procrastination and absolutely No excuses! Visions for the future won’t just happen for me and require becoming a very busy, active person for World Betterment and World Change, by starting now in shaping someone or something you care about!
  • World can mean just my small world community, or a global outreach project like sport awareness, and “World Baton Twirling Day.” On April 10th, my very small team flooded the internet with baton twirling videos from around the world, sharing passion and desire to advance our sport. It started as one small group idea by the athletes commission in Sweden last August at the World Championships, and here we are. It was in our spare time, working together, from different time zones, and different languages. Over ten thousand people participated and we started with nine people!
  • Our first project didn’t go as well in February but we learned to work more efficiently together. Strong leaders fold lessons learned into future projects, and approach setbacks and adversity as learning opportunities. This is providing security for self preservation, and inspiring others to overcome adversity, keep calm, and move on. All of this impacts where I can go from today, because tomorrow is the future.
  • It is the way I react now that will lead to greater understanding in days to come, and advance the opportunity in life.
    It is interesting that the Oxford definition of the word “crisis,” is written as “the turning point…when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.” Individual choice matters when in adversity.

Driving through life armed with the “seven rights,” gives my giant vision for the future a far better chance to succeed. Aerodynamically, it sets me free not knowing any limitations, as well illustrated by the mighty power of the small bumblebee.

By acting on ambitions, I have learned influential outcomes are made possible. By taking the lead on what I envisioned, I have had amazing experiences working alongside others toward a common goal with a happy heart. As a group, working on these projects has taught me that by helping others, we end up helping ourselves. Sacrifice for the betterment of others today, is definitely worth making the future a brighter and happier place.  

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 4 | Creating Buy-In for your Vision

It’s a critical world out there… and probably the best advice my grandfather ever gave me was “Success is the Best Revenge.” After a year of being bullied in high school, I decided to take his advice and I have never looked back. I found much more constructive things to look forward to, and ones that far more deserved my energy and passion.

I love where my life has taken me, and that is learning, leading, and serving in my community. It all started by defining ideas that I am passionate about, like the causes and effects of neurological disorders after losing both grandparents to rare disease. By defining my end goals and working backwards, I connected with organizations like “No Kid Hungry” and “Children’s Miracle Network,” where I can share from my own experiences, and find people and ideas that inspire and motivate me. Here, I also discovered challenges to progress. These barriers became my missions, and I have come to believe that anything is possible through:

-The Power of Reputable Research That I Can Stand Behind
-Unique Thought and Project Creativity
-Clarity in Defining Goals and Objectives
-Developing a Timeline
-Clear Communication to Group Members and A Few Personal Stories
-Working Just as Hard Whether Leading or Following
-Letting Go of the Credit and Sharing the Glory with Others
-Small Rewards Celebrating Accomplishments and Volunteers (I work hard for coffee and cookies)

I believe that personal character is still credible and when combined with these other key components, offers a dynamic framework for persuading others to support my vision, and my offer of hope for a more optimistic future. Whether speaking to a group of Girl Scouts about the importance of being a good sister, or selling raffle tickets to feed children in poverty, no job is too great or too small to sell that same old advice from my grandfather, but now with a new twist: Success is also the Best Solution.”