Kaye Askins

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 1Who are you?

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I’m Kaye Askins, Fort Worth native since 1989. I have been a resident of the Eastside (Eastside pride!), Near Southside, and currently reside downtown.

My Fort Worth heritage is traced back to 1890 with an eclectic group of ancestors who actively shaped our “Cowtown.” My great-grandfather, Lee Holley, organized the stock handlers union for the stockyards company and shoed horses for the National Guard Stables in Arlington Heights. My great-grandmother was a Rosie Riveter at the Convair Plant, now Lockheed Martin, during World War II. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about my roots, you’ll also know that I love chatting about my great-great-uncle, Lon Holley, who was a gangster killed atop Inspiration Point in a mob hit.

I have been trained twenty-one years in classical piano and completed my Bachelor of Music Business from UTA while working part-time for The Capital Grille- Fort Worth. I found my professional passion for the Service Industry by working for TCG as a Service Professional and lead host trainer. After perusing the music industry as a publicist and marketing specialist I realized TCG had become “home.” My boss and mentor, Gloria Starling, helped me harness my love for the Fort Worth community and integrate it into providing exceptional dining experiences for our guests. I am now studying to become Sommelier Certified.

In my free time I soak up the sun (and cold, wind, and rain) with my dad training for the MS150 and Hotter Than Hell 100 bike rides on our beloved Trinity Trails. I am a proud bunny mama to Hank & Dolly Parton, run a part-time wedding and portrait photography business, and am passionate about the development of our music community.

Some say it takes a village to raise a child, but in the words of a close friend, “it takes a whole city just to corral a Kaye Askins.” If I could give only one piece of advice to the future leaders of Fort Worth, it’s to embrace your natural spirit and be wildly motivated by its deepest desires. “Where the West Begins” is truly just the beginning for you, my friends. (January, 2017).

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 2 | Building Credibility

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Describe your efforts to increase how others see you as inspiring.

An integral part of leadership is inspiring the people around you to push themselves past the bounds of their normal routine. What’s tricky about this topic is that sometimes we get lost in the space between “being seen” and “leading by example.” When I wake up in the morning I don’t think, “What can I do to be inspiring today?” I think about what time I have to be at work, should I make coffee or go to Starbucks? But, what comes along with that thought process is awareness- the decisions I make will affect the people I have to be around that day. The attitude I decide to take with me to work will affect my ability to be empathetic and discerning. And, in turn, my coworkers and guests will absorb the positive or negative energy I put into their environment. No matter what my personal circumstances are I do my best to be consistent, prioritize, commit myself to developing and motivating my team through positive coaching, and understand the value of leaving a legacy that isn’t necessarily tied to my face and name, but my spirit and ethics.