Sandy Martinez Russell

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 1Who are you?

I am who I am
I was molded this way
No one can take what’s within

I am who I am
A survivor of many downfalls
Rising to the top each time a little bit stronger

The flame of passion with it’s everlasting flame of faith
Guiding my way without shame

I am who I am
Finding the lost and showing them the way
A kind heart and smile
That will impact for awhile

I am who I am
From the help of another
That lead the way for me
Believed and flourished what hid behind the pain
Inspired and modeled the Confidence needed for others

I am who I am
Not everyone will agree
I am who I am I am ME!
Sandy Martinez Russell 5/2014

Hi I’m Sandy Martinez Russell. I am a native of Fort Worth. I attended TCC for my Associates in Legal Assistant,Texas Wesleyan for my Bachelors in Bilingual Education,UTA in Arlington for my Master’s in Reading and Lamar University for my Principal Certification. I am an educator and life long learner. I’m passionate about education, an advocate for children, and believe in servanthood. I currently serve on the Board of the DRC formally the Day Resource Center, Ballet Folklorico Fort Worth, and I am an ambassador for Hispano Éxito. I just finished my term of being on the Board for HWNT Fort Worth and taking a break from being on the Board of ADLR. I have been leading a group for four years called Community Friends and feed/serve the homeless once a month. I am passionate about helping others and hope to inspire you through my picture captions. (January, 2017).

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 2 | Building Credibility

“Describe your efforts to increase how others see you as inspiring”

There’s a quote that I enjoy reading and I look at it from time to time and remind myself of one of my own sole purpose in life. “ I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” Inspiration is when you help ignite that fire in someone and help them in attain a goal he or she may have. To inspire you have to help someone see in themselves what you see in them. At the same time, you must continue to be inspired and strive to better yourself in all aspects of your life. In order to be viewed as inspiring you have to lead by example. As a single mom, victim of abuse, growing up poor, married , having kids and divorced at a young age, has worked two jobs for many years, etc…. the list can go on and on..none of this has stopped me from reaching my my goals and surpassing my wildest dreams. Inspiration is not about what you have or can accomplish inspiration is believing and taking that risk. I make my life the example to inspire others , ” If I can do it, you can too!!” My picture was taken in Phuket, Thailand it depicts looking back and embracing your past and although your life may contain those bumpy rocks once you get past it you’ll be able to see the being able to see beyond the blue clear waters! I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the community and travel which is not what I ever imagined for myself but if I can do it so can you!!

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 3 | What is your vision?

“What is your vision for the future?”

My Vision is my dream of what I would like to see left after I have passed. A vision of what could be. I want to be able to express my enthusiasm and excitement for my vision, and hope to ignite that passion in others. According to Kouzes and Posner “Leaders envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities. You need to make something happen, to change the way things are, to create something that no one else has ever created before.” I have a vision for myself, my family, my community and my nation.

Myself -I envision my legacy to leave behind the message of having compassion and kindness. There are many qualities that I feel are important but, overall, showing kindness and compassion is one that can change a persons life. We are put on this Earth to love one another so I try to live my life In that manner. My vision for my future is to have people remember me as a Woman of God that smiled and tried her best to help others in all aspects of life.

My Family – My vision for my little family that consist of my daughter and son is that they are successful leaders in the realm of their circles. May they touch the lives of others that cross their paths as others have done for us. May they lead by example and embrace each moment in life.

My Community – My vision for my community is to be a safe place for everyone. May resources be made available to those that wish to call it home and may need that extra help. May we be the true Compassionate City. May it become enriched with flowers, trees, and be clean. May it become a place that embraces nature and provide opportunities to recycle and promote public transportation. May neighbors come together to enjoy the scenery as families.

My Nation – The vision of loving one another without prejudice. The Nation of opportunities, the Nation of education, the Nation of becoming united. A nation that cares to leave it a better place for our future.

“The dream, or vision, is the force that creates the future. ” (Kouzes and Posner) Our vision is our reality and our reality is our perception therefore, to create our vision we must be the one to take the risk and create it and not just dream it.

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 4 | How do you create buy-in for your vision?

Photo Credit: Olga Naranjo

There’s no “strategy.” It’s a cycle of paying it forward from your own passions and visions that results in sparking that light of fire in others through your own actions.


My visions/passion include serving all people worldwide love has no boundaries.

Profiles of Leadership | Topic 5 | Sharing your Vision

In regards to sharing my vision to the “world” the use of social media has been vital in contributing to my so called “brand” of who I am as a person whether it be me as an educator, philanthropist, mother, Board Member or even volunteer. I think back at just 20 years ago how things have changed. The internet has evolved into instant news at your finger tips. So why not use it to share your own “news”? Facebook, twitter, instagram, Snapchat, periscope, etc.. are just a few and of course, Facebook and Facebook live which is one of my favorites. In our current society that we live in people like to see things as they occur for example, car accidents, tragedies, breaking news, sports. In saying that, not everything needs or should be negative. The light needs to shine on the positive as well. Once I share my vision as I mentioned in L4

Then I like for my friends to know what I am doing. If I’m involved in “Community Friends” then friends that have donated can see me and all the volunteers in action. If I’m traveling I want my friends to experience the moment with me. If I see something good on the world I want to share it. No one ever knows how their actions may affect others, what may inspire, touch others or even motivate them to make a change or difference. We go around life and interact with many in our circle and I know that I have felt those emotions by what I have seen from others.

The seed is planted and no one knows how far it may go to change the life of others. Therefore, when I share through Facebook I do it because I want someone later to think “because of her I did this…” or maybe ” if she can do it … I CAN too!

Picture taken June 2017 Corozal , Belize while I was on a mission trip and went “live” several times.