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I don’t feature many photos of guys because most of the portrait work I’ve done in the past has been tied to the Miss America pageant system along with the senior portraits and weddings that flowed from that network. That being said, I want to extend a special invitation to you guys. Let’s do this thing.

Fashion Portraits

Emily Hart, who went on to compete for Miss USA, poses in an earlier shoot in downtown Indianapolis with a crown from the Miss America system (FWPP Photo/Raul Mosley).
This shot with Chloe, past SGA president of Ball State University, was taken in a soulless stairwell using only natural light and a single reflector. As an artist, I love creating quality images in ordinary settings.
Megan, a former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader and former Miss Indiana, poses in sunshine in front of an artistic sculpture. I'm always on the hunt for great backdrops that complement my clients.

The Fort Worth Portrait Project offers both studio sessions and location shoots. My fashion shoots are ideal for people looking to make an artistic statement about themselves. Depending on the time you give me to work with you, I can create a wide array of images perfect for building a modeling portfolio or just making a personal statement. Generally speaking, I avoid locations other photographers flock to, opting instead to create unique images for my clients. If you book me for a shoot, get ready to have fun exploring fun places to shoot.

Kylie, a TCU student, poses in front of an old wooden door inside Old Town at the Hollow Hill Farm event center. Rustic backdrops can provide just the right level of contrast for fashion-oriented shots.

All photo packages on this page come with the rights to use the photos we create both in print and online for promotional purposes. And yes, I’ll give you the full-resolution images.

Senior Portraits

Cami, now a student at Texas Tech, poses for her high school senior portraits at the Stock Yards in Fort Worth (FWPP Photo/Raul Mosley).
Alli holds her tassel for this artistic shot marking her graduation from TCU. Shooting with pro-quality lenses on a full-frame camera makes shots like these possible.
On of the many shots of Alli we took inside Amon Carter Stadium as part of her senior portrait shoot.

Many seniors, especially guys, loath the idea of posing for the camera. I’m the perfect photographer for these people…and you know who you are. I’ve done a senior portrait shoot at a state track meet for one client where I spent maybe 2 minutes getting him to pose and the other 4 hours documenting his meet. I’ve also shot Friday night football games, fishing trips, and even a horse-riding session—all as non-traditional senior portraits. In each case, we had a blast, and the client and his or her parents now have some great photos hanging in their homes to mark their child’s transition to adulthood. What a meaningful type of photo shoot.

Alex from Chi Omega is flattered by the natural light reflecting off the bricks along TCU's Campus Commons.
Haley works a red dress along a lake during the fall, a nice compliment to the other shots we took in more urban settings.

I offer custom albums and fine prints in a wide range of finishes, sizes, and framing options.

Alli celebrated her December 2015 graduation from TCU with confetti on the Campus Commons. We also created shots featuring Frog Fountain, her dog, and even a couple of uncooperative champagne bottles.

Pageant Portraits

Miss Ohio Erica Gelhause brushes out her hair during a summer shoot in her hometown of St. Henry, Ohio (FWPP Photo/Raul Mosley).

Many of my pageant clients have competed on the big stage for either Miss America or Miss USA, and I have done 100+ head shots sessions for contestants in these systems as well as Mrs. America, Mrs. United States, and Miss International. Before moving to Fort Worth, I was the official photographer of the Miss Indiana pageant as well as several qualifying pageants in that system throughout the state.

A quality head shot is the gold standard in pageant photography, and I can provide this for you using professional lighting in my studio setting. That being said, most of my pageant clients have an interest in fashion shots, so our shoots tend to go this way: (1) Ensure that we get a high quality head shot. (2) Create sash and crown shots useful for program ads that thank sponsors. (3) Have fun creating fashion images with a variety of outfits and styling. The 3 packages below reflect what my clients want in a pageant shoot.

Family Portraits

Phil and Kristi are one of the great couples I worked with before moving to Fort Worth. They went from the couple who lived into the apartment below me to being my family photo shoot client for multiple years. I will miss being a part of documenting their family, but I am looking to make friends with new families here in Fort Worth. Will you be my friend?? 🙂

My approach to family portraits is similar to my other packages described above: I work to get a handful of more traditional images—the kinds you might include on Christmas cards—but then I work with the family to capture a wide range of expressive shots involving the entire family together along with mom and dad together and each child separately. (That larger photo above of Phil and Kristi, the kissing couple, was taken during a family photo shoot with their 2 kids. The shot took about 15 seconds to set up, and then I was back to the kids. Fun.)

Here’s what I suggest: Plan a fun activity for your family, and then invite me to grab photos throughout the event. I’ll take opportunities throughout our time to create the kind of family portraits you would expect, and then I’ll capture your family having fun during the rest of the time. A day at the ranch would be perfect. Or an outing to a Rangers game…I could have a blast with that one, including getting shots of you with my big lens from the other side of the stadium at some point. For that matter, I’m also open to destination shoots. I’ve covered family and friends as far away as China and India, so a trip to Galveston on a Saturday…we can make that happen. Or…even a trip to a local park. We can do that too. Whatever the case, please click on the boxes below to get rolling with our shoot.

Team Portraits

Caroline poses with her TCU Zeta Tau Alpha leadership team on the steps of Sadler Hall. The Fort Worth Portrait Project has provided leadership team shots for other sororities along with the Executive Council of TCU's Panhellenic Council.

Organizations aren’t just made up of people—they are made up of teams. Promote your team with a professional group portrait created by the Fort Worth Portrait Project.